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Business (Corporate or Entrepreneurs).

Creative problem-solving out of the office produces higher productivity in the office. Get out of the conference room and meet in our arena!

Educators (Administration or Teachers).

Join our arena “classroom” and experience professional and personal growth in a unique way that will encourage and expand the mind and heart.

Family and Friends.

In today’s tech-savvy world, we communicate more through texts then talking – even when we are in the same room! Put away your cell phones (except to take pictures!) and spend some time in our arena. Have fun getting creative, solving problems and enjoying time together. An experience you will never forget!

Healthcare /Emergency First Responders.

When others run from danger, you run toward it. Burnout is common in highly stressful careers. Where do you go for help? Come play in our arena! Allow space for fun and creative problem-solving activities for you and your team


We honor and thank you for your service to our country. Seeking veterans to volunteer and work with other veterans using our arena and our horses.

Churches (Pastoral or Lay Leaders).

Working together in unity, is key to any successful ministry.Having fun and being joyful together is an added bonus! Spend some time in our arena with one of God’s greatest creations and learn from our herd about team work, leadership styles and more!

A to B Ranch

"A step in the right direction"

Meet the Herd

Equine Specialist-Lisa Creps

Our Mission Statement

Our Burn Story-A to B Ranch

Equine Assisted Personal Growth (EAPG)

We have 5 horses that act as our co-facilitators in our workshops. We use anywhere from 1 to all 5 depending on what the activities are. They each come with their own unique personality, temperament and life experiences, and unlike us humans, they don’t hide their emotions or put on masks

Lisa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and has over 15 years in the field of Human Resources. As a child, she discovered the power and beauty of horses, and the affect they have on people through her own experiences and passion for them. Equine Assisted Personal Growth (EAPG) allows her to combine her love of horses and people in a unique and transforming way, all for the Glory of God.

Our mission is simple – to inspire and encourage new perspectives in the hearts and souls of humans using horses as our guide, with the purpose of promoting positive change, personal growth and a whole lot of fun!

Let A to B Ranch help you take a step in the right direction – with the help of a horse or two!

The idea of the name “A to B Ranch” comes from the concept that whatever brings about destruction in our lives, can be a source of where beauty is birthed. Our perspective and focus on how we view tragedy, negativity and pain in our lives determines our future. It can be a process or it can be immediate – either way, changing our perspective can bring hope, a fresh start, a new and beautiful life.

Equine Assisted Personal Growth (EAPG) uses horses as active participants to help facilitate the personal growth experience. Because horses are intuitive creatures they often reflect behavior that is a direct result of our internal thoughts and emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, joy, peace and feeling at ease.


Welcome to our Ranch!

Welcome to our Ranch!

A to B Ranch is located in Valley Springs, CA off Highway 12 near Wallace, CA.

We provide a place where people can discover or re-discover their joy, passion and creativity in unique ways while interacting with horses through Equine Assisted Personal Growth (EAPG) Workshops.

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About Us

About Us

Experiential learning is a process of gaining insight by doing, rather than just talking and listening to others talk. Equine Assisted Personal Growth (EAPG) uses natural horse behaviors and herd dynamics to teach us more about ourselves and others.

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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is simple – to inspire and encourage new perspectives in the hearts and souls of humans using horses as our guide, with the purpose of promoting positive change, personal growth and a whole lot of fun!

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